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Lagan Consulting - A Specialist in Public Affairs, Government Relations and Political Consultancy - Based in Northern Ireland.

Specialists in Public Affairs, Government Relations & Political Consultancy

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- www.laganconsulting.comLagan Consulting is the public affairs division of bmf business services group

In the public relations sphere we are specialist players serving primarily those clients who have a substantive issues-based agenda to transact. Much of our work comes through client referral and we tend to offer and provide service where we are genuinely interested in and empathetic with the work of the client organisation. We are very much thinkers as well as do-ers; providing ideas as well as execution.

In order to help you we will work with you to gain an understanding of the key issues that impact on your organisation and your business in relation to the public affairs process.

Although Lagan Consulting offers the full range of public relations services, media relations, event management etc, our specialist field is government relations and political consultancy. Our approach is research-driven, building a detailed understanding of the issues around which the clientís agenda needs to be transacted. It is only through this comprehensive understanding of issues, combined with appreciation of the different stakeholder perspectives, that a client organisationís agenda can be advanced effectively. We have progressed the aspirations and agenda of many leading organisations in Northern Ireland across the public, private and voluntary sectors through carefully planned and executed agenda-based public affairs strategies. We work on either a retainer or a project basis. We invariably find that client organisations continue to benefit from our endeavours long after our work is completed. We are confident we can help you take forward your agenda.

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