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Lagan Consulting Public Affairs Training Workshops

Lagan Consulting organises a series of public affairs training workshops for senior managers in organisations who wish to learn how to plan and execute a public affairs strategy for themselves.

The workshops are ‘one-day’ intensive and interactive sessions. They are facilitated by Lagan Consulting personnel, but also feature expert practitioners from key areas of politics, Government and media in Northern Ireland. Numbers are strictly limited so as to maximise interactivity and the overall learning experience.

Workshop Objectives

Participants will understand:

  • How the institutions of government work;
  • How policy is formulated and how to gain an input into the policy making process;
  • How to manage strategic issues;
  • How to communicate effectively with elected representatives and political parties;
  • How to design and execute a public affairs strategy.

The Lagan Consulting Approach

  • Creating substance in the communication process
  • The strategic communications grid
  • Engagement of key audiences

Workshop Content

Understanding how the institutions work

Northern Ireland organisations are directly affected by Government policy and action. In order to exert influence on these important external influences the mechanics of decision-making and how Government works needs to be understood.

Influencing the Northern Ireland Assembly

  • New structures of Government
  • The Executive Committee
  • Committee system
  • Dealing with the Northern Ireland Assembly
  • Individual MLAs

Westminster and Northern Ireland

  • Communicating with your MP
  • The legislative process at Westminster
  • Committees relevant to Northern Ireland

Local Government

  • Overview of local government in Northern Ireland
  • The functions of local government
  • How local authorities operate
  • How to interface with local government
  • The ‘Presentation’ to the Council

Brussels and Dublin

  • The European institutions and Northern Ireland
  • The European legislative process
  • Influencing European policy and legislation
  • The legislative process in Dáil Éireann
  • Relevant committees

Strategic issues management

  • Identifying and clarifying strategic issues
  • Creating a benign environment
  • Influencing policy

Key areas of lobbying

  • Policy framework analysis
  • Coalition building/creating alliances
  • Communicating with policy-makers
  • Communicating with elected representatives
  • The Briefing Process
  • Monitoring
  • Media Relations

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